SEB Inc. Co. provides  consultancy services and legal advice regarding national, European Union and international customs and trade legislation in force for manufacturing, importing, exporting, forwarding, warehousing and logistics companies, chambers of trade, non-governmental organizations and all other actors involving in international supply cahin at any stage of production, trade and customs activities; auditing services as a solution partner for the companies who wish to go through a periodic auditing before any post-release control by the Customs or technical or legal support during post-release control, examination or investigation by the Customs; and, with a view to facilitation of their customs procedures, cosultancy for the companies who wish to apply for the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) status and regular consultancy, auditing and reporting services to the AEOs.

Partner and Director General of the Company, Customs Consultant Mr. Sebahattin Koçaş, MPA, worked in the past as a Chief Customs Investigator, Head of Department in the Directorate General of Customs Operations and Acting Director General of EU and External Relations in the Turkish Customs Administration, and as a Senior Technical Officer and Acting Deputy Director in the Tariff and Trade Affairs Directorate of the World Customs Organization (WCO). As of today, at international level, he is an Accredited Expert Trainer of the WCO and a Consultant of the World Bank. The other partner and Legal Counsel of the Company, Att. Samet Öztürk worked in the past as a Chief Customs Investigator in the Turkish Customs Administration as well and presently, he serves as an independent attorney in STC Law Office registered in Istanbul Bar, he has the status of MCIARB (Member of Chartered Institute Arbitrators) in international trade dispute resolution and he is an expert in trademark law. He is also a qualified Customs Consultant but he does not actively work in brokerage since he is an Attorney in Law.

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